Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Paper Lace

We have rolls and rolls of this paper lace (don’t ask) and I was playing around with it the other day to see if it could be made into rosettes (my present obsession). The answer is yes, and they’re not only quite lovely, but they’re quick and easy to make.

I folded them back and forth where each circle meets, accordion-style, glued the ends together then hot glued the center to hold them in place. I haven’t attached anything yet, but as the photos show, I did play around with how they could be put together.
I experimented with the super wide purple paper lace, which made HUMONGOUS rosettes (about the size of your hand w/fingers spread wide), perfect to party-up a place. I could see these hanging on the wall or from the ceiling, patio-area or even trees.

They’re big suckers with a fine line between pretty and gaudy. (I’m always having to reel in the gaudy side of my taste, I get it from my mother.) These are on the delicate side, so they would be perfect for gift-wrapping, and with the paper lace used in place of ribbon, would make for a very girlie package


  1. I think the rosettes would look awesome with some ribbon between them, ala the 4th of July swags I like.

  2. They would! We'll have to play around with them and see all the ways we can pretty them up.


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