Sunday, May 4, 2014

Intricate Embossing and Friends Reunited!

I dove into Dawn's cling stamp stash and came up with these doilies. I love the detail of these stamps!
These were created by stamping with embossing ink, sprinkling white detail embossing powder over it, and then heat setting it with my embossing tool.
The results were stunning. The contrast between the white and black makes the intricate lines pop.
I also stamped silver on black and white on white. I took some ink to the white on white and really liked how they came out, especially the multi-colored one. I took an ink pad with variegated colors on it and swiped it several times, back and forth, being careful not to mix the colors. After I fussy-cut them I thought they'd make great stickers, and they do!
I did some collaging of post cards, something different to send a couple of crafters I follow on-line. The cowgirl, a Julie Nutting stamp, is for someone who lives in Texas. I liked the feel of it from all the Mod Podge I used, made it feel leather-like.
This one, which is very different than anything I've done (and I'm not sure I like it very much) is for someone who designs clothing, fabric, and everything else under the sun. I'm hoping the sequins stayed put.
On a completely different note, I was so happy to have caught up with my best friend of 49 years while she and her new beau were in Monterey! Our motto is "Through thick and thin..." (Obviously, I'm thick, she's thin!). My daughters and I had a great lunch with Lauri and Kevin at Dominico's on the Wharf in Monterey. Every time I go to Monterey I forget how beautiful it is, this time made even more so by the coming together of lifelong friends.
I love you, Lauri!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

(Layout of Buddy-Gibbers by my daughter Dawn)