Sunday, November 17, 2013

Had A Little Trouble Posting

Don't know why I couldn't sign into my Blogger account, but I'm finally back in!

I have been playing around with my embossing folders lately, which have been sorely neglected. I've used a few in my card-making, but I feel like I'm not doing them justice. So when I came across some flat, silver and gold sequins at Michael's, $1.99 for a package of a gazillion, I wondered if I could run them through my Vagabond. Would they crumble under the pressure?
To my pleasant surprise, it worked! I tried just about every embossing folder I own, it was so much fun!

A few days later I wondered if alcohol inks would work on them. Another success!

Aren't they fabulous?! I love how differently the colors look on the gold as opposed to the silver, and how much they look like metal.

I went back to Michael's for more (you know, in case they quit making them, ahem), and came across some good-sized hearts, so I bought a packet. The embossing worked great on them as well!

Now I'm on a kick of embossing everything I can think of that's flat enough to glide through my Vagabond. I did some small clear bags and was very pleased with them. They're difficult to photograph, but I'll see what I can do about that and throw some photos on here.

What shall I emboss next?