Sunday, May 9, 2010

Finding Joy

"Joy is a heart full and a mind purified by gratitude." Marietta McCarty

I am on a mission: to restore my joy. So, I thought I would share a few images that are helping me do just that.

A silly picture my daughters took of me while we were Skyping. I look clueless, which I probably was since I'm new to the Skype thing.

My sister Martha (on your left) makes me laugh, always.

Remembering the bouquet of flowers Dawn recently surprised me with fills me with joy.

As do the Ozzy stilettos Valerie treated me to.

Winning a contest on Twitter, shiny! I have images of my very own planet named "Dawtinium", woot! The contest sponsor was @kidsneedtoread; the prize was donated by @JiminSTLouis (who won the sponsor's auction for the prize then turned around and donated it!), which was a personalized high-def file of my planet created by artist of The Verse (Serenity) poster and so much more, @BenMund. He actually did two versions, one with rings and one without!

Joy also comes along with the feeling of relief. The other day, I couldn't find Patches anywhere. I searched and I searched and was about to push the panic button and burst into tears when I found her in the back yard. Digging. Drenched in mud, but looking every bit the puppy she must have felt like well over 13 years ago. I could not bring myself to scold her. It cracked. Me. Up.

Knowing my family genuinely loves my cooking (most of the time), especially my chicken strips, brings me joy.

I am the youngest sister of four brothers and two sisters, wife of over 32-years, mother of responsible, loving, adult identical twin daughters, caretaker of the furry kind, and friend and helper to many.

Feeling joyful this Mother's Day for I am truly blessed.