Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Little House Craft Studio

In my dreams: a peaceful meandering walk to my craft studio that looks like this little stamp I watercolored.

Instead, this is my reality. But I'm not complaining; it's cozy and I love crafting out here. I am so lucky to have a place I can actually call a craft studio that isn't the table tucked in the corner of the bedroom.

My desk is situated to the right, in front of the big, and very handy, laundry sink as you walk in the door. Behind me is a built-in box where I think the previous owner must have kept wood. It's pretty useless to me, but it does make a nice counter. When it's warm, I set out the blue chair so when my family pops in, they have a place to sit while we chat. Although I have a tall stool to my left, there isn't a place inside for the blue chair yet, but I hope to eventually remedy this. I dread emptying the place, but that's what it will take to get it organized.

My work surface is stocked with things I use constantly: several types of glue, a squirt bottle filled with water, black and white paint, certain markers, paint pens and pencils, a plastic paint pallet, paint brushes, baby wipes, scratch paper, and, of course, my little DVD player sitting on top of an awesome can that looks like a big ol' spool of thread.

On the shelf above are all of my tablets of watercolor and mixed media paper, watercolors, and a variety of other little things I seem to reach for every time I'm out here.

And then there's the doggers. Winnie usually likes to hang out with me in the dog bed, but lately, Molly has been joining me as well. I even put another little doggie bed out there just for her tiny self. I love their company. They prefer I keep the door open, but I can't when it's cold, so I imagine I'll be crafting for the next few months with Netflix, Acorn and my DVD player instead. Spoiled much? 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Martha's Birthday

Today is my sister Martha's birthday. She loved sunflowers, so this is for her.

Martha was the perfect birthday girl. She celebrated the entire month of November and loved it when people wanted to take her to lunch or a movie. If she were here I would have made her a card and my daughters and I would have spoiled her in some way as we did every year. I will try to be happy and laugh because that's what she helped others do when they were in a tough spot. I don't know what else to say except that I miss Martha, my person who loved life and lived it to her fullest, so very much.