Friday, March 30, 2012

Seven Easter Cards

It took an entire day to make these cards, not even kidding. I work out of plastic 12”x12” storage containers (they’re all labeled, so it’s not total chaos) that are kept in a closet, and, man, they were spread every which way. One of the craft YouTubes I watch suggested sketching out your cards before making them, so I put pencil to pad and kind of did that. I even listed some of the “ingredients” I had to work with and it helped me to focus on the things I’d need to make my cards.

I don’t normally send out Easter cards, but I had it in my mind I wanted to do that for a few people this year. Crafting is like therapy for me, so yesterday was like a good ol’ shot in the arm. Thinking about each person as I created something just for them lifted my spirits and left me feeling very loved.

For descriptions and close-ups my flickr has it all.


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