Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mowing The Lawn

Our back 40 has needed mowing for weeks now. With all the rain we’ve been having the grass hasn’t been able to dry out in-between the showers, so it’s really gotten out of hand. I finally tackled it today, but I didn’t finish cause it’s a big yard and I’m no spring chicken.

While I was pushing the ginormous grass can further back into the yard (there’s a clue, I should have been pulling it), the can rolled away from me and pulled me down with it. I slipped and fell (hard, hit my knee as I was going down and ended up on my side, did a half face-plant thing), and landed almost inside the dern thing. I even said to myself, out-loud, “Man, that hurt.” I’m okay, just sore and will be even more so in the morning, I’m sure.

If it doesn’t rain tomorrow I’m hoping to finish up and pull out the weed eater to get what the lawn mower can’t reach. It’s my least favorite thing to do, but it’s so satisfying afterward to see the lawn looking all leveled out and smelling like something I want to bottle.

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