Saturday, March 3, 2012

Our Neighbor's Dog

Snoopy, our neighbor’s dog, gets out of their yard a lot. (He’s lonely.) Today I was cleaning out my craft room and left the gate open while I loaded some boxes into my car to donate and he ran into the back yard before I could stop him. Dawn let Gibbs out first and they ran and ran. We put him back in the house and let Winnie out and they ran and ran and ran and ran and Clover joined in. Then they were all out together and had a party.

This is what happened when we tried to get him to leave. He loves us. I ended up carrying him back home.

I uploaded this video to YouTube in case you can't view it here.


  1. He's such a silly dog! I know we shouldn't be happy when he gets out, but I love his visits!

  2. Me, too! I get to worrying about him, so when we do see him at least we know he's okay.


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