Sunday, March 4, 2012

My First Smash Book


I began this *Smash Book back in June 2011 and finally finished it the 1st of March 2012, whew! I very much like the end result. It probably isn't much of anything to anyone else but me, but that's what journaling is all about. I just thought it would be fun to show my version of smashing.

Maybe once you see the mish-mash of things I've stuffed inside the pages you'll be inspired to start one of your own. My next one (Orange) is already waiting in the wings! (For photos of the book in its entirety be sure to visit my Flickr.)

The handy-dandy pockets come 3 to a pack with one built-in on the inside-back. It's a great place to put the things you want to stick inside the pages when you don't have time.

I used the tiny photos that came with my photo orders which are printed on 6"x4" photo paper. They're perfect for Smashing, inserting into a locket or to use with any number of other projects.

Look closely at the center of the right-hand page. I stamped a peacock feather and like the way it turned out. You will see it on another page where it's not so subtle.

A lot of people make their own books, which I may tackle some day, but for now I need a starting point. The images on the pages of the Smash Books, as well as other products this company publishes, work as prompts and provide me a great place to start. Even the pen that comes with the book is great, and the glue at the opposite end is the best of this type I've ever tried. Really.

This is one of my favorite pages. I played around with some of my stamps and markers, even tied a real ribbon around the bouquet of flowers. My images aren't showing it, but my favorite pen is a sparkly-glittery type pen and I used it every single chance I could get.

I love buttons!

This was the last page I did. It's especially meaningful because every time I looked at that bicycle page I wanted to do something with it, but I got nuttin'. It all finally came together one day when I got home from doing some errands and spotted a piece of paper on our front lawn. It turned out to be what looks like an ice cream label with "Joy Joy" written on it, it's so perfect!

I added vintage ribbon, cut the ends into tiny strips and glued them on to the ends of the handlebars. I also took my glittery pen to the shiny parts of the bicycle so it sparkles where the light hits it. It's another favorite page of mine.

My daughters surprised me with a Vagabond by Sizzix (GAH!), so I played around with some of the dies and shared some here. I also bagged some up to go along with a few Smash Books we are giving as gifts. There are so many dies out there that I tell everyone I know if they ever want to give me a gift (for the rest of my life), dies will make me very  happy.

My top ten were in no particular order, of course, I mean, who can do that? Number 3 is books, so I made a miniature book especially for this spot.

Thistle was our old lady baby, we had her for over 15 years. I couldn't leave her out. And that back yard of ours, it's tough to keep up, but when I'm done mowing it's very satisfying to see what I've accomplished. And it smells goo, too! I used the built-in pocket for glue dots, envelopes, journaling paper and whatever else I thought I might need to make it easier to journal.
To see the entire set of photos with close-ups, please visit My Flickr under the set titled Smashing.

*I am not affiliated in any way with the company who publishes Smash Book products, I just think they're nifty.


  1. You did such a great job with it! You're so creative.

  2. Thank you! I don't feel very creative much of the time, so I'm surprised I stuck to it.

  3. love your pages, my favorite is the bike page!!!!

  4. Thank you, Julie, it's one of mine as well! I'm excited this was featured on the Smash blog! I appreciate you taking the time to come over here and leave such a nice comment.

  5. Love your book! Especially how you used the index photos from the 4x6s! Genius!! Thanks for sharing!
    We just created our first SMASHbook too. Check out our blog...
    or you can watch the video we made...
    Keep sharing your books!!

  6. Thanks so much, Jacklyn! Those little photos are the bomb! I appreciate you leaving the links for me to check out, on my way...

  7. Very inspiring, dawt! I will start this week! Wish I'd known about this years ago as making a layout for a scrapbook can be overwhelming.

  8. Thank you, Dragonrider! Overwhelming is the perfect description and a great incentive to start with a Smash Book. I always need a starting point in just about any craft I do, so this is a made-for-me product. It brings me joy. I'd love to see what you do with yous!


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