Thursday, February 23, 2012

My First Rosettes

The rosettes I promised to post, all three of 'em. I used real buttons on the black and white ones, a sticker button on the white and pink one.
The backs are ugly, but who cares, they'll be stuck to something anyway. I think these would make pretty brooches as well as decorations for scrapbooks, cards, and the like. I attached the white one to the envelope of a birthday card, stuck it amongst a vase of flowers for the birthday girl and it was a hit. Oh, and I also tried out the border die and I'm happy to say I luff the results!

The gift of this Vagabond is going to be one of my all-time favorites, can you tell?


  1. The rosettes are so pretty!! I love how they can be cute and simple, but it is SOOOO easy to make them gorgeous!

  2. Totally. It was neat to find out the wide ribbon I picked up at the thrift shop works as well. I also discovered that even though I made one of them the wrong way (scallop-side in), it really isn't wrong, it's just different.


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