Monday, August 8, 2016

More Creative Chemistry!

With the exception of working for my father during his ceramic business days, I have never crafted this much in all of my life! Dawn and I crafted from Friday after she got off work until tonight (Sunday). We're almost finished with Creative Chemistry 103, only four tags left to do. We did 29 tags this past week! Go us.

The first thing Dawn did today was lay down some texture paste, so the tags would dry.


After emptying out all of the Distress Crayons, we went to work on those tags.

...and made these! My two are on the left, Dawn's on the right

I didn't take pictures of all of the tags we did because I was so busy I actually forgot. And I also realized I didn't have Dawn take one single picture of me crafting, poo. Next time.

We played around with crazing medium on a stamped tag. You can't rush the drying process because the crazing happens while it's drying, so we had to muster up some patience while it dried on its own. The wait was well worth it. It's so cool!

Here's a close-up of Dawn's crazing before she applied Distress Crayons.

This is my tag before applying Distress Crayons.

Here it is after I applied Distress Crayons

One last close-up of the crazing

As I said, we're almost finished with Creative Chemistry 103. Next we'll dive into 101 where we left off. This was such a fun weekend, I hope we can do it again soon.

Summer of Creative Chemistry 101, 102, and 103

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