Saturday, January 23, 2016


Journal 52, Week 3, Your Favorite Song/Lyrics
It's impossible for me to pick one favorite song, there's just too many that I love. I don't know why, but I get emotional when I watch the marching band version of "This Too Shall Pass," by OK Go. But the version where they get splattered with yellow, blue, red and green paint was more fun to work with, so I went with that. 

For the square, I used one of those fake credit card ads we get in the mail and cut it into a "2x"2 square and painted on a layer of gesso. Yellow, green, red and blue gelatos were used for the stripes. I wrote the title of the song in matching colors, but them into tiny squares, roughed up the edges and glued them in place. As usual, I journaled on the backside.

After I have the fourth prompt done, I'll post a photo of what they look like in the little binder. I love it.

It seems an unlikely song, but it's one I play to remind myself during times of trouble that this too shall indeed pass.


  1. That came out so cool! It reminds me of Vanna White's wheel of fortune letter turning.

  2. Thanks, and you're right! Not an easy thing to fit so many words on that little space.


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