Friday, January 22, 2016

Green, Green of Home

It's so refreshing to look outside and not see dead grass. The rain we've been getting here California is maaaahvelous, dalink!

My daughters brought these oranges home from their grandparents' when they went up to see their Papaw after their Mamaw passed away. We remember when they planted the tree, bitter sweet.

What my craft desk usually looks like, organized chaos, but without the delicious salad and hot tea. We don't have cable, so I craft while watching Netflix, Acorn or Hulu. We recently signed up for Amazon Primetime as well, so I can really get into the craft zone while doing some serious binge watching.

My daughter Dawn and I opened our 2015 “Happy Jar” and took turns reading the notes aloud. This was the third year we’ve done this, and I highly recommend you try it. Throughout the year, when we remembered, we’d ask other people who were visiting to write a little something as well, so there were a few surprises. (I was so hoping my sister had snuck one in there, but January was a rough month for her and then she was gone.)

It was wonderful reading about the things we felt were important enough to put into writing. We decided to change things up, so Dawn renamed it the Journal Jar. Instead of being tied to one format, we’d like it to be more of a what’s on your mind at the moment sort of thing. I already can’t wait to read the things we’ll be writing about this year.


  1. 1) Remind me to get my little dudes out so you can take photos of them on the moss.

    2) I'm determined to eat all the oranges. I have 5 left. They are all on my desk next to me at work.

    3) Have you put anything different in the journal jar yet? So far I've just done happy memories.

    1. So WE can take photos of the little dudes. :)

      All of the oranges!

      No, I haven't put anything in the journal jar yet and still need to re-cover it. Thank you for the reminder!


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