Saturday, December 5, 2015

Our Annual Christmas Ornament Exchange

I couldn't resist starting off with this adorable photo of Miss Molly.

I worked really hard on these birdhouse ornaments and enjoyed every single minute. The basic wooden birdhouses have been in my craft stash for a few years, and each year I took them out, wanting to do something with them. Well, this was the year! I love how they turned out. Be sure to click on the images for close-ups.
There were 12 of us this year, so I made 12 plus one (just in case someone came unexpectedly).

I painted each one with a coat of gesso, two coats of white and red acrylic paint, then decoupaged patterned tissue paper on the front.

I splattered white and black paint (hoping it didn't turn out looking like bird poop!), glued a sparkly pre-made wreath in front of the tiny hole, and topped each one with a snow-like mixture and sprinkled it with two different types of glitter

I also put sparkly glitter-glue (Stickles) on top of the little perch to make it look like frost or a light snow.

I made a plain one and didn't even paint white paint on it, just left it the original color then painted the red highlights and added the snow. I'll keep this one.
I glued two magnets on the back of each one and dated them. Guess I should have signed them.

Here are the ornaments everyone made. I'm so tickled with everything and can't wait to hang them on our tree.

Dawn made the silver ornament, Valerie made Joy.

Below is a necklace that's made of fabric and marbles. So clever.

The packaging is always so pretty!

Valerie also made the round wooden ornament. She woodburned snowflakes on them, so adorable.

We have such a talented group!

Next up, our annual cookie exchange! 120 cookies.
Not worried one bit.


  1. Your magnets came out so darn pretty! I'm still sad I missed the exchange.

  2. Thank you. And I'm sad you missed it, too. It was so difficult to go by myself knowing you or Aunt Mart wouldn't be there. The lack of Aunt Mart's laughter was felt by us all.


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