Friday, December 4, 2015

Mail Art

I love it when the dogs sun themselves without realizing they're snuggled together. Winnie and Molly sat there for quite some time.

I just completed a mail art swap and I'm so excited about it. These swaps challenge me to be better and more creative, and help me to step outside my comfort zone.

I did some mixed-media on the envelope, something I really enjoyed doing. I stuffed it full and folded it in half for a more secure fit.

Included was a mixture of embossed and inked papers, one of the playing cards from the deck I've been working on, tissue paper, a nifty sticker I made that looks like the top of an old spool of thread, and more. (Argh! I can't get this paragraph to stay to the left.)

The card above was made using a piece of deli paper as the base, then a coat of gesso, and decoupaged tissue paper with two different prints on it. Then I inked it up, adhered it to a piece of sticky-backed card stock, trimmed it and rounded the corners. I like doing things to deli paper, it takes a beating without tearing.

This was a sheet of clear stickers for the months of 2013. I gave it a coat of clear gesso and inked it up. She'll be able to use it in her collage work.
The wrinkly bit on top is a piece of brown paper made to look at feel leather-like. Water and glycerin is the secret to making it so supple. I also cut some deli paper flowers and decorated them. I left a few kind of plain for her to play around with.

Here's what I received:
Some great stuff already from my swap partner. I was hoping for those green teeth! My favorite piece is the one on top. I can see the many layers she applied and the fun she had doing it. She's so talented.
The envelope was very cool.

You can see Roni's Instagram here. FYI, mine is here. If you ever have the opportunity to do a mail swap, do it! If you would like to do one with me, leave a comment below or email me at and we'll talk about it.

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