Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Woodland Creatures

I've had this bag of wood cuts for eons and finally did a little something with them. I used some cute stamps and then coated them for safe keeping.
Woodland creatures are stamped on the 4-sided piece, a deer, bears, turtle and owl.
This piece measures about 2-3/4". The bears are stamped on the reverse side of the deer. All sides are coated in Mod Podge Hard Coat.
 The little turtle is on the bottom. It's a bit funky, but he's still cute.
The little fawn is my favorite, she's so adorable!
The owl is lighter than I wanted, but Dawn still wants to make a necklace of it. I coated it with Glossy Accents and added a couple of rhinestones for the eyes so she sparkles.
Easy-cheesy! The bats stamped really well and Valerie wants me to put a magnet on the back of it for her.

 I'm glad I didn't pass up this $2.99 deal at Savers!


  1. You should put a couple of them on the fridge as new, happy magnets :)

    1. You're right, I should use those nifty tiny strong ones you gave me since we use them so much.


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