Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rosettes For Winkies

I’m donating over 150 rosettes (magnets) to a Wizard of Oz convention (held each year at Asilomar on the Monterey Peninsula, California), which will be included in the tote bags they give to the registrants. This gathering is more for L. Frank Baum book-lovers than the MGM movie version, so the vintage artwork reflects this.
I inked up the edges of each stamp to give them a more vintage feel and will put them at the center of each rosette. I cut over 160 strips of Oz card stock to run through my die cutter (2 pieces at a time) using my rosette dies, which will cut a scalloped edge and make the fold lines for the rosettes.
The strips have been cut from my rosette die, more than the 150 I need in case I mess up. I bundled them up in groups of 20 so I can keep track as I go. I made 40 of the rosettes as of this posting, only 110 to go!
I’m glad the convention isn’t until June.


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