Saturday, January 12, 2013

Card Holder For San Jose Sharks Fan

I'm flattered hubby asked me to make him a card holder for all of the cards he received while visiting his parents during the holidays.
We're huge San Jose Sharks fans, so I dug into my stash and found ONE 12"x12" piece of hockey scrapbooking paper. I embellished it with a couple of photos taken by my daughter which I ran through my die-cutter using a die in the shape of a postage stamp. I made a couple of pockets for the inside to hold cards and notes that won't fit between the binder rings. Man, that paper went a long way!
I'm not sure if the beads are "manly" enough for my man, so they may eventually show up on my craft table.

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  1. I think the library card pocket is my favorite!!


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