Monday, November 5, 2012

Salinas Has A Book Store!

Since the closing of Borders in Seaside as well as a few independent book stores, the closest book store we've had the last year or so was about a 45-minute drive to Gilroy. So you can understand why we're so excited to have discovered the Book Nook! It's an awesome used book store, very organized and the owner is wonderful. I haven't met the male half of the business yet, but the woman really knows her stuff. The best part? The prices are reasonable! She doesn't charge any more than Savers or Goodwill does, so she will be getting a lot of business from us and we will be donating to the store to help keep them going.

I love being able to support local businesses. Next time we go I'm bringing this magnetic rosette I made for them using their business card for the center. I am determined for them to be successful, so if you're in the area of 521 South Main Street here in Salinas, stop by and buy some books!

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