Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Over The Rainbow

Lauri, my best friend in the whole-wide world (we’ve been friends about 45 years), has been taking piano lessons to freshen up her skills. She isn’t the sentimental type, I actually make her say “I love you” back once in a while. So you can imagine the amount of Kleenex I went through when this showed up in my in-box. I love anything Wizard of Oz, this is now my new favorite Oz thing I own!

By the way, we both love telling people this little snippet from our lives: When I was 4 months pregnant with my identical twin daughters Lauri called me up and said, “You aren’t gonna outdo me on this, I’m having twins, too!” I thought she was kidding, but nope, she had identical twin boys!

P.S. No need for alarm, the dude in the plastic bag is left over from Halloween.

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