Friday, August 3, 2012

My Latest Cards

I made several cards the last couple of weeks, here are two of them. The first one is for my daughter’s co-worker’s birthday using a die that looks like a postage stamp. The cut some very thin brown paper I saved from a package and layered it with the candle printed paper. I inked the edged of the printed paper and used a rub-on for the sentiment. This one was passed around my daughter's office so everyone could sign it.

The other card is for my best friend (of well over 40 years!), a “just because” card that’s sparkly all over. Our motto is “Through Thick and Thin,” I’m thick, she’s thin (I’ve always struggled to lose weight, her struggle is to gain it), so I was tickled when Dawn discovered a package of stickers with this one in it.

I started with sparkly orange card stock and added the center square of watercolor paper colored with watercolor pencils. I used a paintbrush and a little water to blend it, then splattered metallic watercolors all over. At first I thought it looked a bit too much like blood, but then, she’s a phlebotomist, so it fits. haha! I inked the edges with orange and yellow and added a few rub-on butterflies and gems.

I even wrote a 3-page letter to my BFF. We were fierce letter-writers back in the days before email and texting, and I still have a bunch of them stored away. I told her I missed seeing her beautiful handwriting; I’m hoping she’ll write me back.


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