Sunday, March 11, 2012


Rosettes For A Memorial

I crafted about 50 rosettes in the colors of the San Fransisco 49ers for my daughter's co-worker. (The colors aren't exact, but it was the only paper she could find. P.S. The photos make the red look pink.) Her father passed away so these will be used along with other table decorations for the gathering afterward.

Rather than making it all dreary and sad, I like that the family has chosen to celebrate this man's life incorporating the fun things he loved during his lifetime.

The rosettes were fun to make and went together easily. They did take some time, though, which is no biggie if you're only making a few, but when you're making them in bulk you need to be organized enough to know what it entails. If you've never used this die, I recommend watching Tim Holtz's demo video.  His videos are so informative and helpful, I keep them in my YouTube favorites folder for quick reference.

Another item I highly recommend having on hand is a reusable non-stick surface. Laying down dots of hot glue for the center of your rosettes will be challenging if you don't have one.

The only part I wasn't fond of was gluing the ends together to make the circle. The paper was thinner than the heavier scrapbooking paper I'm used to working with and the rosettes small, so my fingers seemed like boulders when it came to lining up the tiny ends. But after I began using a glue stick instead of the Glossy Accents (a liquid glue of sorts) Tim Holtz recommends for heavier paper (as I did with these), the ends came together a lot easier.

This particular die makes one rosette and one center at a time, which is great. In this instance, though, the paper wasn't long enough to cut the rosette and the center at the same time, so I used a circle punch for the centers. It worked out for the better because I had extras in case I screwed up, which, of course, is inevitable.

There are so many things one can do with a rosette (Google, you will be amazed). I picked up some super wide ribbon with a stiff texture the other day and it worked wonderfully! This opens up a whole new world of ideas. I am hooked and can't wait to make more!


  1. I think it's wonderful you put them all together for her!! She was thrilled--she didn't expect that.
    They all came out great. There is so much fun stuff we can do with them! It makes me excited to get the smaller rosettes as well.

  2. I was glad to be able to at least do something to help. And, yes, I'm excited to see what else we can do with these, like cutting them in half to make banners, those are adorable.


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