Friday, August 12, 2011

Gosh, I'm getting to be quite the foodie, aren't I?! I was feeling kinda bummed, so...I baked a cake. I tried out a recipe for a banana cake only I added nuts. The icing wasn't creamy at all, was one big lump, so I added milk and saved the day. (I'm thinking this ingredient was inadvertently left out of the written recipe.) It turned out quite moist and I liked it, but I've had better. I think it needed another banana for a punch of flavor. Oh, well, everything I cook can't be fantastic. Like my biscuits and gravy I made the other day.

Even though I cheated and used canned biscuits, it was still a hit. Now I want them again.


  1. That is the problem with biscuits and gravy, isn't it? The craving, once satisfied, returns quickly! Yours look delicious. Now i am craving a plate!

    And by the way - you just keep on with your foodie direction! We are eating sauteed cabbage at least once a week over here thanks to you!! My sweetie loves it!

  2. Thank you for sharing that, Pam, I love that you found something on here that you and your sweetie enjoy, right-on!


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