Saturday, February 18, 2017

Almost In Oz

There was a storm a brewin', Aunti Em!

We had the worst storm I've ever experienced here on the Monterey Peninsula yesterday.

The video above shows what it was like from about 4:00 a.m. until later in the evening. It was relentless. If you turn up the volume you can hear the wind knocking at our door. I had to put a cane under the door handle to try and push against the wind to help stop the banging. It kind of worked. We lost power for most of the day, but we were grateful to still have running water and gas for heating and cooking. It could have been so much worse.

I've never been that scared of our weather. Things were hitting our house, the neighbors' shingles, debris, things in our backyard, rain, it was all so noisy. We lost part of our fencing in the backyard, so we had to block it off and now the dogs can't go back there to do their business until we get it repaired. Good thing we have a smaller area just behind our house they can go to.

Our city lost over 150 trees! I haven't heard of anyone getting injured or killed, so thank God for that. We lost power again this morning for a very short time, and I'm sure it'll happen again. There were so many downed power lines I'm surprised we got our power back when we did. I'm glad it's over and hope to never experience something like this again.

C'mon spring!

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  1. Well, up that to 650+ trees...this was NUTS!! I can't believe I drove it in.


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