Thursday, March 3, 2016

Cardboard Butterfly Challenge

Enter Eye Connect Crafts'
March Design Challenge!

My friend Donna Berlanda, who is such an encourager, posted a link to this contest over on the Eye Connect Crafts site as a Facebook comment for my postcard butterflies. The rules are you have to make something out of chipboard or cardboard. I thought, Donna knows me well, it's right up my alley!

I dug into my stash of cardboard and stamped it with the large butterfly with text background that came in Inkadinkado's cling stamp set called Insect Amalgam Cling Set #60-60219 (link at the bottom). As you can see, it's a very good-sized stamp. It's what makes it so fun to color with the Gelatos and other watercolor crayons.
Inkadinkado Insect Amalgam Cling Set #60-60219

After stamping, I painted on a couple of coats of Glue N' Seal by Ranger. This seals the surface and allows the Gelatos to move and blend smoothly. I trimmed away the blank margarine and ended up with a piece approximately 6"x6" inches. I roughed up the edges by running the blade of my scissors across them. It gives them the natural look I like so much.

I cut a larger piece of cardboard and gave it a couple of coats of Glue N' Seal as well. I stamped it with the text part of the butterfly stamp, tricky, but it worked. I took a black Gelato and drew a square where the butterfly would be placed, then blended it out so it gave it depth after the butterfly piece was in place.

I cut a small square of corrugated cardboard and backed the butterfly with it, then attached that to the piece of cardboard with stamped texted. The corrugated piece was added to pop it up some so it would stand out better after framing.

My daughter Valerie gave me a shadow box with a black frame (thank you, Val!) for me to frame everything.

I didn't care for the fuzzy black background of the frame, so I tore it off and sanded the backboard, gave it a coat of white gesso and a couple of coats of parchment-colored acrylic paint.

When everything was dry, I put adhesive and foam squares on the back and adhered it to the frame backboard.

Here's my finished butterfly! I photographed it on my desk and in my back yard in several areas to try and place it in a good light. But what I ended up doing was only confusing myself because I can't decide which one I like best. Ha!

It's difficult to convey the depth of the shadow box.

My father made this pagoda in the 1970s for one of my best friends' parents. (We were in the ceramic business at the time.) After her mother passed away, she gave it to me. I love having it in the yard. And when the tiny light bulb isn't out, it glows a nifty green.

I'm off to enter the contest. Wish me luck!

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  1. Your piece is so beautiful. Crossing fingers you win the contest.

  2. It's gorgeous and I love it!!! Good luck in the contest - this is sure to be the winner!

  3. If anyone plans to enter this contest, be aware they are having difficulties with their site. I tried several times to submit my work, but a pesky 412 error keeps showing up. But if you follow the link to their Facebook, you can email them your link. Persevering.

  4. I'm sorry you didn't get to join in, you definitely would have won because we all would have voted for you!

    1. I did get to submit, but via their Facebook. There was no acknowledgement that they received it. Also, they started another contest, but judging by the comments on their FB, their site is STILL having problems. That's no way to run a business, that's for sure. And I still don't know if they picked a winner for this one!

  5. UPDATE: I just discovered that indeed, they did pick a winner, but it wasn't me. They didn't even include my entry on their Web site. :(


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