Thursday, February 4, 2016

Journal52 2016 Is Coming Along

Prompts 4 and 5
This was fun but challenging. I dry embossed the paper to give it some depth and mimic the surface of the moon. Then came a coating of paints and embossing powder. I think the gold was a good choice. Dawn gave me moon stickers in different phases, so that's when I got the idea about life having phases.

For Week 5, we had a choice between monochromatic or psychedelic. When given the chance, I'll always go with color. Besides, I wanted to use my new watercolor gel crayons I purchased at Target in the worst way! I love them! Go immediately to Target if you can for a set of your own. They're only $3.99 and are right up there with the Gellatos watercolor sticks. They can be found in the school supply section.

I'm loving how my little twinchies look in the binder!
It's especially cool because you can see the journaling on the other side without having to take them out of the sleeves.

Bonus, this smaller size has taken a lot of pressure off me. Making a full two-page spread was daunting last year, so I usually only did one. But this year I'm feeling more joy when I do my pages. Go me.

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