Saturday, December 19, 2015

Yard Work

Our back yard is huge, and with the California drought it's been nothing but dirt this past year. Well, a little rain has finally come to this dry land (hallelujah!) and suddenly an oasis of almost shin-high weeds appeared! We have an electric lawn mower, and with the grass being so wet, I was afraid I'd get electrocuted trying to cut through the thick, wet grass (I know someone who did). So I did what any sane person would do that didn't want to die before their time, ask the great guy who's been cutting our front yard for the last 17 years or so if he'd be interested in doing it on a regular basis.
We have always taken care of the back (cheaper to do it ourselves), but it kept getting away from us. We can't see it from our house because it's blocked by the garage and little house, so it's easy to put it out of our thoughts. So when the lawn guy was here last week I went out and talked to him, showed him the back yard and he said yes! He'll be doing it every two weeks during the winter. I'm so excited! To know it's in the hands of someone so dependable and conscious of doing a good job (and for a great price), well, it's taken a load off my back. Literally.  

I really wish we could see our back yard from inside our house. It's where the doggers like to hang out and provides us with some pretty beautiful sunsets. But I'm not complaining. I'm just grateful every day we have this place to call our own.

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