Thursday, December 31, 2015

Simple Scones

Just the word brings back the great memories we made in England.
My best friend sent me 3 (three!) bottles of clotted cream. We found a taste for it when we went to England a couple of years ago.
So, of course, I had to make these Simple Scones sprinkled with lemon sugar.
It was a pleasure to make these. I felt like a real baker!

There wasn't a whole lot to these, and I didn't even have to break out the rolling pin. After mixing everything together, the recipe gave the option, after separating it into two pieces, of rolling out the dough or patting it into 6"-inch circles. Patting was no muss, no fuss.
When I sent my friend pictures, she asked for the recipe and immediately made them.

Here are the photos she texed me:
She had a lemon, so she was able to use real lemon zest in the sugar. I didn't have one nor did I have lemon juice, so I used lemon extract.
She also added cranberries and served them with a local jam.

Exchanging photos and throwing around ideas to change them up really brightened my day. I just wish we could have done it in person over cups of hot tea.


  1. I think that is so neat you ended up having them "together" like that.

  2. Me, too, and I hope we can do that again real soon.

  3. Me, too, and I hope we can do that again real soon.


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