Thursday, December 10, 2015


My crafting buddies. I love it when they hang out with me in my craft studio. It was so funny. Monday they were laying in their own beds, and the next time I looked over they had switched places! Such silly goofers.

They both love Dawn's new Christmassy blanket Valerie surprised her with. It's very, very soft.

One ear up!

I asked Molly if she wanted a sweater because she was snuggled up around my pillows in a little ball.

I brought out the heart sweater, held it up and asked her again. She got up and walked over to me, like, yes, mama, put it on me!


  1. That Molly is getting super smart all of a sudden! I mean, she's always been smart, but it's like a whole bunch of things are clickin' all at once.

  2. I think maybe she's finally learned to trust us and feel like she's home to stay.


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