Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I Miss My Sister Constantly

I picked up this Stamping Bella stamp at the Sacramento scrapbooking expo earlier this month. It reminded me just how much I'm missing my sister Martha. So I worked it into one of the playing cards from the deck I've been playing with the last few months.

As usual, I started with a coat of white gesso, glued on pieces of torn brown paper (to represent clouds or haze) I saved from some packaging, gave it a coat of gel medium, colored it with Distress and Copic markers, then tried to make rays of sunshine from Stickles glitter glue. I wanted to write that I miss her, but while looking for words, "unconditional" spoke to me.

I had intended to color and save this piece for a greeting card, but my Copic decided to take a leak all over my work. Why does an $8 maker even do something like that?! (No, I do not refill my pens, it came this way.) So I cut out what I thought I could save and used it in my mixed media piece. I'm glad I did.
My sister loved me unconditionally. I miss her constantly.

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  1. That stamp really does look like the both of you from the back. It makes me sorry we didn't get a photo of you two sitting like that.


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