Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I'm participating in a Facebook project called Journal52. A prompt is posted each week and we can interpret it any way we like. Some people do 2-page layouts, some 1-page pieces, but I chose to do almost postcard-sized layouts. It's less intimidating to me. So, although the size isn't consistent, I'm pleased with the way they look in my art journal.

Just Be
The three prompts I've done so far are Pathways, Just Be, and Conversation Starters. I journal the meaning and include the media used to create it as well. I plan to post everything later, but I just thought I'd put this here for now to give me an incentive to keep going.
Conversation Starters
Silhouettes is the next prompt I'm contemplating at the moment. It's getting started that's the booger. But once I get started, I almost can't leave it alone.

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