Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cards, Tags and Punches

I was excited to use one of my newer Julie Nutting paper dolls, but when I got paid for it, well, yipee!
 My faces are improving!
This sympathy card was for an on-line friend who lost their brother. I know how that feels.
A life-long friend had birthday, which is a lot to celebrate because she's going through some health stuff right now. She likes The Wizard of Oz as I do, so I eluded to it by putting this darling little La-La Land stamped paper doll in blue gingham on a red poppy background.
I wouldn't normally point out someone is another year older, but we're celebrating her life, so...
My daughters recently came home from a trip with lots of PJs and clothes they found at an awesome Walmart sale. Being the hoarder that I am, I saved some of the tags because, tags.
I covered them in gesso and white paint, ran them through my die cutter inside embossing folders then went to town painting them with all sorts of inks and paint. I sealed them with matt-finish Mod Podge because I like the finish and feel it gives to the paper. I'm going to add eyelets at the top when I go to use them.
My daughter bought me a balloon punch (inspired by how much I liked the balloons paired with the Julie Nutting doll above), so I punched some scrap paper from other projects. It made quite the variety and now I have tons to choose from.
Instead of shoving them in a 12"x12" as usual, I now have a binder filled with clear sheets with different sized pockets. This way I can see exactly what I have and (hopefully) use them more.
I'm not sure what I'll do with those tags, but they sure were a lot of fun to make!

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