Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Flu Thing & Other Stuff

My family has been sick with this flu thing for a couple of weeks now. We've had enough, already! My creative juices have been dry as a bone. All I've felt like doing is laying around. The last few days, I've been able to watch some TV and read, but before that, I just felt like a blob. We're on antibiotics, and I'm just now starting to feel them working. Yay!

It was weird. Last Sunday I felt good. I woke up, took a shower and did all sorts of housework and even cooked for the family. After that the crafting bug hit me, but then the next few days I felt like crap again. Today there's light, though, I felt good today and I'm praying it'll continue from here on out.

I made these two sympathy cards for a friend, one commissioned by her. It's for the family of someone she was in contact with on a daily basis via the telephone through her workplace, he died very suddenly. I left it blank so she could write something personal.
The other card was for her. She has lost several of her dogs recently, most recent was Bear. Each of her dogs are her babies, and she takes each loss very hard. I've made three of these since I've known her. When you adopt older dogs it is something you come to expect, but it always comes too soon.
Speaking of adopting, we welcomed this adorable little girl into our home today. She's going to be Deni's, but you know how those things go. So far she's getting along with Clover and Winnie, they played a lot and all are tuckered out. This weekend is a test drive to see if she likes us. I'll update on how this goes at a later date.


  1. I miss being crafty! Or having the drive to do anything. The last productive thing I think I did was go to Costco for groceries before I got sick.

  2. Me, too. Now that we've turned a corner let's get back to making awesome stuff!


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