Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Was Brave

I made a few more Marci girls and Shrink Dinks as well. I was brave and posted these Marci on La-La Land Crafts' Facebook and held my breath. I needn't have worried, I received such wonderfully encouraging responses, the first one from the Irina Blount, the one who created these adorable stamps!

That site is loaded with Copic marker artists, which I'm not, I only have one Copic marker and it's a clear blending one. I thought I'd get silently laughed off the site, but most said they were very impressed with the paper-piecing I do and even inspired a few to give it a go. It made my day.

New Dies!
Dawn and I spotted these dies, specifically the inkwell and quill, a while ago and she's been scoping out auctions for a good price. The lowest she found usually ended around $17, until now!

She sent me an auction for one up for $9.99 and I won it for that. AN-DUH! The same seller had the scroll as well and I won that as well. Go, us!

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