Saturday, December 1, 2012

Homemade Refrigerator Roll Dough

Making Clover leaf rolls is one of my proudest achievements in the kitchen. My go-to cookbook is an old Betty Crocker book, a just married gift from my bff, Lauri. It's battered and well-used, the best pages being the messiest. I highly recommend Betty's recipe (as well as other recipes found in this book, like the best peanut butter cookies in the entire world!). It's the closest thing to my dad's clover leaf rolls I can make.
I made a batch for Thanksgiving and they rose nice and high, the best I've ever made, I think.
A couple of days after Thanksgiving my daughters suggested I make more, but I told them they'd have to wait for Christmas. Well, I caved and whipped up another batch.
What's neat about this dough, besides the fact it makes A LOT of rolls, is that it keeps in the refrigerator up to 5 days. So I made some the other day and just now took the last of the rolls out of the oven. I made mini rolls and had enough left over to make a tiny cake-pan full.
I had some turkey breast, so I made myself a little sandwich from half of the pan bread. It was messy, the rolls separated because it was still warm from the oven, but I didn't care, the effort to keep it together was worth every bite! I wish this blog had smell-a-vision!


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