Saturday, April 14, 2012

Playing Around With Wrapping Paper

I found an interesting roll of wrapping paper at Savers for only 99-cents. I thought some of the images would be great to use with some of the dies I have for my Sizzix Vagabond. I tried three different shapes using one both vertically and horizontally for two totally different looks. I love the results. The odd piece in the lower left-hand corner was torn and smooshed up, aged with ink and colored to look like leather. I'm thinking of using this method to cover a photo book or journal of some sort.

Instead of sticking this one in my Smash Book, I decided it was good enough for a card for my awesome mother-in-law.

The paper has the texture of a very thin grocery bag and the images are so lovely. It’s been fun playing around with it. I aged it up by inking it with a color called Brown Sugar (by Jenni Bowlin) and did a bit of pencil coloring, something I haven’t touched in years. I’m not an artist, so the coloring is a bit child-like, but I still like it. I added real pressed flowers at the bottom and in the hand of the woman on the left, no small feat for my clunky ol’ hands.Thank goodness for tweezers.

On the inside I stamped the corners from part of a set of Halloween stamps and added some nifty pins, vintage ribbon, and the same pressed flowers as I did on the front. (I hope it makes it through the mail okay.)

This is my favorite card I've ever made. I'm sure there will be more, there's still several other images on the wrapping paper I have yet to use. (P.S. My mother-in-law loved it and said "I'm keeping this one!")

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