Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Handcrafted Window Decals

We no longer have an ink jet printer (we have a laser), but I couldn't let go of the leftover ink jet window cling sheets we've had in our craft stash forever. So I experimented a little.

I knew it would work well with some of the dies I have for my Vagabond, but without color, why bother?

I thought about using permanent ink pads to stamp on it, but it wasn't practical, I only have black. (All the other colors I have are not permanent.) So I ended up pulling out my collection of colored Sharpies and scribbled on a piece to see if it was indeed permanent on this type of surface. It totally was!
So I scribbled a couple of more colors (lightest to darkest) on that piece and ran it through my Vagabond using a butterfly die. It's far from the great look a printer would lend, but it turned out better than I expected. Even the little hearts that punch out of the butterfly are pretty.
Next I used a bow die. It's officially adorable.
I'm looking forward to trying out other dies and colors.
In the end I would call this experiment of mine a success! Have you ever tried anything like this? I'd love to see the results!


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