Friday, March 16, 2012

As I pull into the shopping center, I roll down my window...

Me: Sir! Excuse me, Sir!

Nice Looking Older Man (who just got out of pick-up truck): Looks at me like I’m crazy

Me (not suppressing the giggles): You have a label on the back of your jeans!

NLOM: Blank expression

Me: (Still giggling and pointing at his butt, thinking maybe he isn’t understanding my English; predominately Mexican population here): You have one of those really long labels running down the back of your leg!

NLOM (Finally dawns on him what I’m saying): Turns and grabs the back of his jeans.

Me: The other one!
NLOM: Tears off the label

Me: I give him a thumbs up (both of us laughing mightily)

NLOM: I be stylin’!

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! the rest of the day.

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