Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Winnie Rose

My can my day be anything but awesome when I wake up to this?

My daughter leaves for work quite early, so Winnie joins me after she leaves and snuggles down right beside me, usually burrowing amongst my piles of pillows. I never know which end of her I'll see when I open my eyes, but there she is, waggin' that tail, ready for some morning lovin'. Sometimes she'll stare me awake, get real close to my face and pounce at first blink. Most times, though, she's right there with me, zonkin' zees.

Part of our morning routine includes a song, of sorts, and I swear that dog waits for it cause she gets all excited after I'm done.

"Winnie the pooh, Winnie the pooh, silly-willie-nillie-ol' puppy dawwwwwg, you."

I know, it doesn't rhyme, but we don't care! She just knows the next thing coming is "Winnie ROSE! With the cute little NOSE!" then it's belly rubbin' time!

Even as I write this she's splayed out on my bed, belly-side up...most definitely queen of my king-sized bed.

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