Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Search Has Ended

I have been wanting one of those sewing forms for, well, ever. I was at The Discovery Shop the other day and, guess what?! I found her, the woman of my dreams! I thought at first she was a store display, but there was the tag, dangling from the top: $25...YESSSS! This was definitely a screamer (extra special find where I get so excited nothing but a scream wants to come out).

I can usually keep a pretty good poker face, but I was beaming with delight. As I was paying for her, one of the volunteers said, "She was just too chunky for our store."

So, rather than being pissy with the lady for kind of insulting we women of substance (she was chunky herself, though, so I'm not sure she meant anything by it), I said, "That's okay, I'm chunky, too, so we'll get along perfectly!"

I must name her. Any ideas?


  1. OMG, you lucky lady! Good for you for not taking her petty bait. :) Did you ever wish you had a different name when you were growing up? You could name her that.

  2. Heyyy, thanks for another name to mull over! Also, I appreciate you taking the time to comment, made my day. ;-)

  3. What an awesome find! I love futuregirl's idea at naming her. I always wished I was named "Elizabeth."


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